Sitemap - 2019 - 34MAG

They couldn’t find Mt Hood. “I know it’s here,” Natalie insisted, “It’s on all the postcards."

Leore worried about time.

I knew one day I’d sail off the edge of the world into the mouth of a smiling dragon.

Soften the harsh lines of reality.

You couldn’t stand the noise.

We were taking a  break from cutting wood, when we heard  the chainsaw fire up. He was holding it out in front of him like a medieval broadsword.

She missed the shot, but we clapped and hollered anyways.

Linda, what would you think if I bought a baseball team? Terry, I’d think you were out of your mind.

There’s a reason some survive and others don’t.

People are not garbage and should not be treated as such.

I want us to have good times and big things.

The first time Jacob began protesting he was eight years old.

There are coffee grounds in my iced Mocha.

It’s almost 10 o’clock; we’ve been out too long. Let’s get out of here.

Did that happen in real life?

Whatever this is, it can’t be good.

I don’t think you even slowed down at that stop sign back there.

We were just talking about you!

Sometimes I can remember a lot about Mom and other times I can’t exactly get her face right. How she held her mouth when she called me Sweetpea.

It is warm and welcoming and envelops me with the same smells and tastes and sounds and feelings of comfort. Because I am home.

We climb over the levee and down into the hot shade near the river.

In times like these men turn to desperate measures. Can you blame them?

We said we’d co-author a book some day.

She flipped through a book about a magical kingdom. You know what I like about books?

In my dreams I am always good enough.

Your mother must be very worried about you.

Grandparents are allowed to indulge the young.

You’re a nasty old man who doesn’t hold doors for ladies (not that I expect you to).

Her pitch was always the same. Any male who made eye contact got the same proposition, “Tu montes, cheri?”

The smoke blocked out the sun almost entirely. It was night all day long.

Rounding the unexpected corner, onto a dead end, uncharted by cyber.

Anything to shift the future.

Who would leave a baby in a roadside restroom? Hello, sweetheart. What brings you out on a night like this? What happened to your mama?

The Black Hawk is the bus in Iraq and I’m on my way to work.

It was supposed to be a day trip, but you never knew.

The feeling of entrapment was real. So was the sense that I had failed myself, that I was not reliable, that there was no one to connect to—all of these thoughts felt so real.

Bombs and bullets erupted on Friday into the flesh of those who fell without knowing what was going on.

Once you pop, you can’t stop.

Why should we care about working, when to us, working means doing the same thing over and over and over again, getting paid the same too, which isn’t nearly enough to make it even slightly worth it?

Animals were not allowed in the Green Zone. What was this one doing here? Animals in the closed-in-island-that-is-not-an-island of Baghdad were rounded up and disposed of.

Perhaps she shouldn’t have agreed to let him take her home.

I didn’t intend to reveal my transsexuality to so many, but once it was done, I couldn’t go back nor did I want to.

Darlin’, it’s about time.

So, do you ever do drugs? I wanted him to think I was a badass.

The book. By Jack Kerouac. On the Road. I ate it.

I tell my babysitter dirty jokes. With a stupid little grin on my face. I have made them up all on my own, and I am proud of this, and of shocking her. 

The once-upon-a-time of America.

“Dad’s been gone for eight years, Mom.” She stood and went to the doorway. “I think he’s in the living room. He just went down to smoke.” 

Surface tension, that’s what it is.

How had things become so crazy so rapidly?

You never would have imagined that Stranger Things could ruin your life.

Miss Meecham gathers everyone around. “Our Dear Captain was so taken by your performance, he has chosen one lucky girl to meet him!” 

I am not hikikomori!

Élodie ran with cranes.

Hell, the universe expands until it dies. Why not me?

I knew things would be tough the moment the lights went out.

I was in love with an Afrobot.

People running after that perfect life In a world torn apart.

I’m just a money machine.

You sure missed a great sunrise.

All she wanted was to go to her dad.

Did I want a baby? Did I want an abortion?

After we buried Mom, Dad played a few shows to get us some money. Destruction Band had become so famous.

At five years old I could never stay awake past the first few pages of my book. It often took me several nights to read one book.

You're inhumane!

Bukowski said that there was everything and nothing.

I’ll always pinch myself because all of this is real.

They never talk about it again.

Time in our home is measured by what’s on TV right now.

You are such a good storyteller.

She imagined throwing mud and rocks onto the casket lid. Or, better yet, onto her father with the lid open.

If you could spend only one more night of your life in Lisbon, where would you spend it?

I’m ready for what’s next—whatever that is.

He’s alone. Maybe he’s some kind of lone wolf hunter, or an outcast.

Mickey inadvertently changed Doug’s Internal Health to God’s Eternal Health, and Doug didn’t notice.

Do not write about love.

We reflect well together.

Hello? Please help! My phone is broke!

You spot a sushi bar along Highway 116, to be precise situated right next door to The Liquor Barn.

The bombs fell like rain from the overcast sky above the Eastern Ukrainian border town of Ustalinsk.

Why do you care so much?

that’s a nice watch yeah, that’s a nice watch

While your grandfather reels in fish, sit on the tire swing beside the pond as your grandmother pushes you higher into the sky that stretches into forever.

I was almost perfectly relaxed, tranquil, even. I had no job, no plans, no prospects, no vision for the future, but everything was going to be all right.

The two of you roar away.

He loved you more than he loved living.

I was almost perfectly relaxed, tranquil, even. I had no job, no plans, no prospects, no vision for the future, but everything was going to be all right.

Hey babe sorry I cheated on you.

You should know that as of tomorrow the police will keep a lookout on this place. He’s a missing kid in St Louis, and you’re one here.

The desert wind drags at her hair. Her glistening eyes reflect the empty sky. Someone to love, she says.

It was time to pick myself up because no-one else was going to.

I’m afraid I’m going to step on something and break it.

They were alone. He was alone.

I sing to the broken city.