Sitemap - 2021 - 34MAG

She wanted to escape a love affair.

Imperfect perfection.

She left with the baby.

Sarah doesn’t think children should go to funerals. She’s told them they’re going to a party.

He walked and ran.

Unearthing the self-love I buried so deeply.

It was nice, kids just being kids.

Her happy life vanishes forever.

You should know, she said, I got my results from the doctor.

Buffy, we are both fireflies.

I received a letter from him about a beautiful Afghan girl, and her photograph. She was indeed an exotic beauty.

He stares out to sea, it’s all so simple.

It only mattered that I was beautiful.

Listen to the surf. I could lie here, lie here with you forever.

I invent the last thing that ever happens.

I aim to word a new world.

They sound like Napalm Death, with a drum machine.

Have gun. Give your money.

Live every waking moment as miserable myth.

I am allowed to look to my future with eager eyes.

I am the red parrot fish you watch in the Chinese take-out joint while you wait for your cheap dinner.

The dragon on his arm seemed to climb from his skin to mine.

“Ma!” I yelled. “I’m here. And can’t you get the gardener to trim these weeds?” Mother didn’t answer.

Bad Art.

She read all the self-help books on relationships.

What were the odds of me being seated next to Maris?

That was my car.

Sounded like dirty work to me.

You’re not dead until we stop. Get it?

My visa expired at midnight.

What was saving, anyway? From what? For what?

I just want to know what it feels like to be a writer.

Why are we even here? What were you thinking?

For the first time since she had become a sleuth, Annie was sorry to have caught someone.

Awww hell, Ann, I ain’t got it. I’ve got twelve kids to feed and a business to run. I can’t keep sending you money.

“Should we get this?” his wife asked him. It was a box, a box for holding photos or papers or something. “I like the pattern on it.”

The phone is lost. My mother is finally dead.

Rubber duckies are too bourgeoisie.

How about learning the piano or reading a book but don't just stare at the tube.

What can I say? I hate mushrooms. They taste like dirt.

That’s my father, she said.

My father never sat next to my mother at the movies, he always sat next to me.

It’s just that life can be so beautiful and it can be so painful.

Full-on assault on the senses.

Which song of which the battle-at-back rages.

Down in the city they got it.

This is what my world had come to.

Stars like a runway to oblivion.

I have no qualms about my half-foot hero.

Not only sadness but love and joy.

Drive safe.

Predominantly. I like that word. Predominantly!


howl howl how long do we pay tribute

I guess I should note here I am lucky to have avoided something so fucked up that you can’t quite pull it into your mind.

Connect the fragments as you drink.

Why can't human beings control the weather?

I grabbed a handful of spaghetti and threw it at the wall.

She pins a note to the baby’s shirt: Rachel, my love. Live!

You know what your problem is? You are incapable of loving.

We all know Batman villains never win.

She tapped a long fingernail on The New Yorker. Makes you too elite.

The Texas State Fair was under way and pictures of Big Tex wearing a medical mask flew around the internet.

My dad wants you to come over.

This would probably be my last chance to see Halley's Comet.

One of the cicadas fell onto my shoulder. I brushed it off and looked up. In the leaves above me hundreds of red eyes and glittering wings hung from trees like bizarre fruit.

Anxiety started to plague me, and my stomach was running flip-flops.

She had no idea what next. Didn’t want any next.

I felt legitimate, unforced happiness.

She sees a warrior queen who hadn’t aged so much as she had blossomed.

He could forgive the sins of everybody, especially President Nixon.

If this were a movie.

The wisdom of unintended consequences.


I have thrown into the recycling bin many half-filled notebooks in favor of something shiny new and blank. But there is one diary I will never throw away.

You know, even with no wind there is really no reason why we shouldn’t be happy.

My mother had a balcony of aloe, cape jasmines, and Chinese asparagus. I killed all of them except the aloe but with good intentions. I wanted to nurture the plants.

Then one day you give a guy your legs.

Pure, simple, happy, and full of sparks. That’s the kind of relationship we had.

We use the word love interchangeably for Pret A Manger sandwiches and the man we marry. And love is what I felt for the James Bond films. It was unconditional.

It was magical. And it was mine.

Yep, just like heroin, dental hygiene is one sick, crazy habit.

My parents dining alone when they meant to dine together.

What happened to you, man? What happened to that passion?

They would celebrate her.

It’s Mother’s Day. She has a right to see her boy.

I have a memory of being in a football stadium and crying and crying. I wanted something—or someone—but I couldn’t grasp what or who it was that I wanted.

At the bottom of the dishwasher’s deficient paycheck is the signature of a born-rich white man.

We exist in the stories we tell, in the space between our truth and reality.

There is always something that can be improved. It’s part of the fun.

How did this happen to me? I wondered, blowing the dull, tangled hair out of my eyes and wiping the sweat from my grimy neck with a dish towel I wore on my shoulder for spills or baby puke.

His life was smooth and easy.

The weekend had been going well until Hassan disappeared while swimming.

Happy means different things to different people.

Going with the flow.

They douse themselves in expensive perfume and chew gum to cover up the persistent smell of vomit.

where street lights flicker in empty parking lots and drunks use alleyways as congregation halls

You'll be glad one day.

There’s a funeral all the time. You know what’s beautiful? Black umbrellas in the rain, like wet crows, and the words people find to say about the dead.

Words are all we have.

Reading my audiobook was 10 times scarier than writing it.

I ran to catch my breath.

Toschi is missing a few parts.

She had been on a water planet.

Don’t you worry about getting hurt?

I don’t love being pregnant.  

They lead one another away from the society that troubled them.

Hey Chief, thanks for picking us up.

Nonna, can you tell me about what happened to my great-grandfather?

Was the old woman of the estate up there watching us on the glassy morning water?

I’ve come to grips with the facts of the world.

It is not zee tortilla. It is zee French crepe!

These are my favorite thing in the world, sir.

I have had more jobs than birthdays.

I traverse worlds.

Walking up to the fire I thought, well, everything’s gone.

And the man in the pink shirt.

She noticed him tense up at the mention of home. Something happened, didn’t it?

Do you remember when we would go fishing together?

At 27 Carly was an up-and-coming artist. She had just been featured in Art News Magazine.