Sitemap - 2009 - 34MAG

Breathing is no longer necessary.

Don’t stop reading Kafka, she said.

She squinted involuntarily, wondering what the room would look like with fresh paint, new flooring.

His head is full of paintings.

You hadn’t been cruisin where you shouldn’t have been cruisin. You’d been one block east, next to gramma’s house.

Laura? Pick up the phone. I know you’re there.

The problem is that you want to be swept off your feet. You want me to overwhelm you with passion, but honestly!” He paused for a second. “You’re never here. You’re too busy at the hospital."

From the bridge in view of the house I threw every gift you gave me.

Je suis un artiste.

He reached the wire fence and tapped his beer can along the top. ‘I feel like I’m walking on eggshells!’

Remember that life is funny.

Jerry had named the cat Nancy, and when Lily asked why Nancy, he shrugged and said, why not, it’s a name.

I thought I had outgrown that mulberry tree. That is until yesterday morning when Tree Guy showed up.

Then he said, close to her ear, “So—would you like to spend the night with a future rock star?”

You’re going to want to spy on that baby.

There was the time I won 500 dollars at a sitting with nothing but shit in my hands ‘cause everyone else folded when I upped the ante. Fooled them all.

She lives for this.

Tell me what you see in your mind’s eye.

Some writers confuse shock value for originality. I’ll publish a story that pushes the envelope but not if it’s only for the sake of pushing the envelope.

What were you thinking about so hard?

I just hung up from talking to Dad and something’s not right.

Talking’s not a cure?

How can I start an uprising when I don’t have any space?

Grace no longer fought Peter’s move to Taiwan. Peter no longer asked her to join him.

Colors are moods, and the moods are colors.

You don’t want this kid turning 14 like this.

He just wished she’d been more careful.

I am only 26. Perhaps I shall succeed in doing something.

She don’t know I’m alive, but she gone—she gone know.

The cabin hardly felt remote any more. It was harder to hide.

I asked why my dad had left me.

I want to be called Lew Lew.

Sky blue, more beautiful than any memory of morning he can recall.

No more poetry for me.

How I paid for college.

Do you have something to hide? I say, yes I do, my income sir, and he laughs, because he knows there’s nothing else he can do.

All about love.