Sitemap - 2008 - 34MAG

I start thinking about how I met this girl in high school. I said something. She said something. Ten years later, I’m pushing the kid on the swing and thinking—what happened to my life?

She startled me with a kiss on the mouth. Auntie always liked her men, you said. She’s been lonely a long time.

My wife loved sitting on that blue bench by the window in the Quick Clean Launderette.

Maybe he knows where Katja’s gone.

He says he needs to do something in the cloakroom.

She had dreams, big dreams, and they didn’t involve driving around half the State of Texas pushing pharmaceuticals, and certainly not being stranded in the backwoods.

My room number was 203. I went back upstairs but still couldn't find the door.

Now I see it wasn’t me at all.

It’s the same earth again and again.

It was nearly 10 years now since he had taken up painting and decorating to support himself while making it in the music business.

Play it again, Sam.

All I knew was that I wanted out of there.

Do you work too?

Who paints empty cans of SPAM?

Sometimes I try mid-afternoon.

Yawn hates me.

For her 80th birthday, we decided to give Grandma Rena an oxygen tank.

Sink into your mat like it’s quicksand.


He stood in the street with a phone playing muzak. He took a deep breath.

What is it exactly about this man you’re about to marry?

The phone was ringing and I waited for it to stop.

Pop lit.

Evolution sucks.

What’s the difference, I say. What would be an actual fortune?

They are holding hands and swinging their arms back and forth.

We are two.

Like, sin insurance. So I don’t have to worry about Hell or anything.

He was already a part of her past.

I call it my memory cash.

Kate walked past. She was walking alongside a man. Eddie’s heart dropped.