Sitemap - 2022 - 34MAG

You teenagers. Always with your colored hair.

There is no return.

I can hear the Earth turning on its axis.

I cannot put my foot back into that river that brought us here.

How we organize the randomness.

Dracula didn’t end the way Bram Stoker wrote it.

There’s something up with this. It only does fifties.

I feel more at home here than anywhere else on earth.

Mistress of the woods and keeper of what’s real.

This is perfect.

Jove knew the rules. He knew the upper limits.

Being the perfect mother isn’t all that hard.

She felt a dread of her shift at the ice cream shop.

The tree appeared mysterious, almost mythical.

To me she was always a Countess, such an adorable little thing.

She wants us to go to a fire party.

You make me want to sing.

We called it the Space Cruiser.

It wasn't even real.

He’s become the very thing he once despised.

My father tells my abuelo he’ll leave the island and never come back.

When are you coming home?

She admired every perfect line. Every bead of sweat.

A World of Our Own? Yes?

As the game moved along both of us chucked our chess-book tactics for bare-knuckle combat. He played with an erratic, intuitive intelligence. “Mothafuck!” he cried out.

I didn’t want it to be this dirty secret.

I fight off the negative thoughts.

He’s a beautiful, lovely boy. He’s welcome any time.

Alone in a cold train station, going where?

Grandma makes egg mcmuffins and lets us watch R-rated movies.

Y’all ladies cooking crockpot chili with the door locked.

Didn’t you say there was nothing off limits?

Run, I beg the girl in the frame.

Okay then. So this was real life.

There seemed no other conclusion.

Me, I prefer Shakespeare.

Bartender says a lady has had one too many and they want her to take a cab.

Time to flee.

You’re the only one I can talk to.

I threw a paper plane across the classroom.

Follow your bliss.

No one could have saved Dad.

Nothing gold can stay.

Pick the ending you want.

I made it through. On my own.

She was never the kind of sister their father thought she was.

We all make meaning in the ways we need to.

It would be like old times.

Some days Cole could go for hours forgetting Collette.

He had to be brave.

The only person who’s got your back is you.

I liked her laugh.

She answered the coyote’s call.

Do you know where your parents are?

We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet.

The enlightenment, the whimsey, the poignancy of moments of stillness.

What is a nice girl like you doing with an awful boy like that?

Whatever happens happens for the good.

One of life’s great mysteries had finally been revealed to her.