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Ask me what I would give to have my life back.

I took these photos with a Kodak disposable camera walking along the border between Ridgewood and Bushwick, New York City.

She emerged from the back door and lifted her face to the sun.

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Delilah discovered this wine that’s only 14 bucks a bottle and pretty damn good.

She had been in a toothpaste ad on TV. She was also in my writing workshop.

I’ve always wondered about the sex of the letter A.

I was a prisoner of the Shawnee.

No-one can foresee how real stories will turn out.

Her eyes drift.

Had they known about her truth, her story all along?

Its beak reaching for something.

The window is bricked up. Maybe I shouldn’t have come.

Simple things.

Iustitia has done nothing but deceive us, smash us into the dirt, blacker than the night that suffocates us in our sleep. I gasp for air.

Skipper was a nice kid but she was not nearly as glamorous as Barbie.

The trophies represented our time together.

We’re going to be really happy.

The house would be bulldozed in the morning.

You’re retired. You can do anything you want.

Maybe she wasn’t a writer at all but rather a dreamer.

You may be wondering by now why you don’t exist.

Images of Northern Italy.

Come with me to Grandma’s.

She’s pretty hot, but I’ve also heard she’s a temperamental bitch.

I am so close to making my airfare.

It was all over in a split second.

I can measure my life in slices of an orange.

Don’t people take off their masks?

Your fingers wiggle around the laces.

It’s just like a photo, we think.

There goes another week of my life.

He asked me if I wanted to meet “the old lady”.

He doesn’t know his neighbor but he’s going to have to introduce himself right now.

We’re all pretending to be Michelle Branch.

She was looking at me.

You should visit more often.

I’d love to meet her. And she should totally bring the baby,

You know Warhol did a Batman film in 1964?

Head bangin’ ass shakin’ balm.

The princess is going to need the help of the dolphins.

What will we do, Mummy?

We share a suitcase.

I felt as if I had been given the cheat code to life.

But you have no soul.

Don’t I live here?

It was a home run, sure. But it was more than that.

Midnight is an uncanny time.

She looked over at me and smiled.

Your father never gave you swings.

Two shots rang out, pierced the air, cracking and splitting my senses.

I never told You what to do, what you ought to do.

It was safer to stay quiet.

A cartwheel? I had never in my life done a cartwheel.

I’m running this job. You do what I tell you to do.

The rain makes me think of a dying god’s tears.

She wouldn’t come here unless I brought the piano.

Across the fields you can see so many. Many what? Many dead.

I remember this one.