Sitemap - 2015 - 34MAG

Was it true that identical twins could read each other’s minds? Was she my best friend? Was it strange, having someone else look exactly like me?

Tarantino was treated more like a rock star than a movie director.

It is believed 300 African Americans were murdered during the attack, but no one knows the exact number.

You light a cigarette. In the dark, I can see you in the distance—a walking star.

I’ve been wanting to, wanting to, wanting to, I’ve been wanting to ask you.

Tom is trapped in his body.

Socks are a plague upon the house.

His first thought, of course, was to hide.

What accounts for auteurism’s longevity?

We have to get up some time, she said. They were still in bed as afternoon shadows deepened around them like a scented sea.

I think it’s best we part ways, I say. A cab stops. I get in, slam shut, don’t wave goodbye, stare straight ahead.

He had all the time in the world for you, Beautiful.

Finally, I got it: 3-D Augmented Reality meant sock puppets.

This has been some park tour. Seems like we’ve seen about every park in the city.

The human condition. What are you going to do?

Once you told me if I were a little bolder the world could be mine.

That’ll get you the best sex of your life.

Eve Ensler taught us to say vagina out-loud, in public, in mixed company, on stage, to shout it, describe it, embrace it, and claim it with pride as part of who we are, we women.

It is shadows we fear.

Luscious hair, curly and blowing in the wind.

He remembered dancing with her two or three times. Now she was heavier and frowsier. She’d taken The World as Will and Idea out of her battered leather bag.

Dad, they are tired of fighting. They want to play tennis.

You have somehow Frankensteined yourself.