Sitemap - 2013 - 34MAG

Golf wasn’t fun any more.

I drew a speech bubble for the cop, “Ahhhh, no!” and I titled my drawing : “Mom Beats the Cops”.

The drama that unfolded that night was as exciting as anything put to the screen.

Robert learned in a late-night call from his editor that an unknown source found Snapchat images of him and Annalisa.

We're all sisters.

I’m going to be first to the stone.

I brought poetry to the breakfast table.

Sylvia was amused to find Vittorio learning a martial art.

And don’t tell ‘em I sent you.

Paris on the day it fell to German invaders. The awesome reality of everything that was in front of him.

Soon wrestling consumed me.

Not thinking about anything is incredibly difficult.

Clara hired a piano teacher. In a letter to her parents she said, “His slender fingers fascinated me from the first time I saw him play. "

She said ‘Jules honey, don’t you let nothing, and I mean nothing, happen to her, you hear?’

Is poetry dead?

A tattoo of a flower on her left hip and a brother who was a draft dodger.

I remember my mother holding me as I cried while my father was taken off.

We chose a random grave and OxiCleaned it.

Small spaces made her feel less alone. In bigger spaces she was too conscious that she didn’t have anything or anyone to fill them with.

Yoshihiro Hattori knocked on the wrong door.

This is my first time in Alaska. I have a lot to learn.

Could Max have written this?

But I seen dem—honest injun I did—

The girl is as aged as the shoreline.

I’m looking for a plant. A love lies bleeding plant.

Joe Gould only wrote about himself. Then Joe Gould died, and Joseph Mitchell revealed his secret, and then Joseph Mitchell stopped writing, and then Joseph Mitchell died.