Sitemap - 2016 - 34MAG

There is a story here. Perhaps just not the one you’re looking for.

My eyes are becoming black disks, he says.

The Christian Louboutins, first-class flights, the Botox, dinner at Del Frisco’s, lavish parties—I could go on and on—these are all part of the lifestyle you desire.

Brando’s name was shorthand for great acting.

Daddy liked to rev the engine to the beat of The House of the Rising Sun.

So you get to go to heaven for giving an American a taiyaki because America and Japan were once enemies? Is that right?

I don’t know what any of these people are thinking.

He tapped his pencil, passed me a note. It said you are the most fierce creature I have ever seen.

He had both the instruction letter and mailbox key in his trouser pocket and the blue enve­lope inside his jacket pocket. He hadn’t read so many Graham Greene novels for nothing.

Working with robots is a substitute for playing with dolls.

His mother gripped his hand. “You lost some of that part, Eddie, in your accident. It’s not your fault.”

I got to get us married.

Who was the girl behind the wheel of the old Dodge convertible leaking oil?

Christmas Eve is when everything is going to be all right.

She's living the dream.

She looked across the field of lights. It should have been a neighborhood by now.

What’s wrong with you? my wife asked. The light just seems a bit bright, that’s all.

Are you from corporate? You’re from corporate to spy on us aren’t you?

All you do is sit around all day doing Lord knows what while I break my back for you and the baby!

Dad, why don’t we shoot back tennis balls? Maybe they will want to play with us.